International School of Choueifat (ISC) Home tutors

Choueifat School Home Tutors

Home tutors for Choueifat school Students

Our Tutors  are serving to the Choueifat students in Lahore, Pakistan & To All Overseas Communities. Our Choueifat home tutors follow the academics methods according to Choueifat school. Our Choueifat school home tutors cover all subjects which offered by Choueifat school , Our Choueifat school home tutors have strong command on all major home work activities and check point task which assign by Choueifat school. Our Choueifat school home tutors belong to Lahore mainland and cover all area of  lahore for preparation of Choueifat school examination. Our past experience with Choueifat school students was very good , we working to arrange a Choueifat school tutor for our respectable clients. We have a educated , professional and very passionate tutors for Choueifat international school student exams and test preparation. Our Choueifat school home tutors (Male and female ) cover play group to O and A Level , and also their college level system.

Our Choueifat tutors Teach:

  • K-12 standards

  • O Levels

  • A Levels

  • AP Courses – offered by Cambridge and College Board

  • International Choueifat School Lahore Admission Test Preparation

Regular Tutors Fee:

  • Rs 8000/One Subjects

  • Rs 10000/ Two Subjects

  • Rs 12000/ Three Subjects

  • Rs 15000/All Subjects Combination

  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)

Subject Specialist Tutors Fee:

  • Rs. 10000/One Subject

  • Rs.15000/ Two Subjects

  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)

Premium Standard Tutors Fee:

  • For Crash Program Rs: Rs.15,000/Subject

  • For A* Assurance

  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)

 PreSchool to 8th grade Tutor Fee:
  • Rs: 12000 to 20000/Per Student/All Subjects

  • *20% Discount in case of group tuition

*PKRS 2000/Once Academy Service Charges

    +92 320 111 5005