LACAS School Tutors

LACAS Tutors in Lahore

We are serving LACAS School Students by Our Highly Qualified Tutors team in all over Lahore, Pakistan. Our LACAS school home tutors have master degree holder in different discipline and sufficient experience at School and college level. Our home tutors are qualified from renowned colleges and universities. Hire our home tutors for LACAS students , We have special tutors team for O level and A level in all offered subjects combination. Our Home tutors cover all area of lahore . Our LACAS Home tutors (Male tutors/Female tutors) adopte LACAS policy and exams pattern.

LACAS Home tutors for admission test preparation:

Special Male /Female Home tutors team for LACAS school admission test preparation for Preschool to 8th.

LACAS tutors for KIDS:

Our LACAS Home tutors (Male/female) , montessori trained specially for  KIDs. Our montessori trained tutors help to Kids for basic fundamental writing , basic Urdu , english writing , and Basic digits (math/countdown) reading as well as writing. our montessori tutors teach to the students pg, kg, kg1 , kg2 , 1.

Our LACAS Home Tutors:

Our LACAS tutors are:

  • Extensive
  • Result-oriented
  • Competent
  • Trustworthy
  • Highly Qualified
  • Experienced holder (at National and International Level)
  • Task wise Preparation planner
  • Cambridge International Exams
  • Subject Specialist

We Serve By LACAS Home Tutors:

  • LACAS Preschool Home Tutors
  • LACAS Junior classes Home Tutors
  • LACAS Senior classes Home Tutors
  • LACAS O Levels Home Tutors
  • LACAS A Level Home Tutors

LACAS Campus in Lahore:

  • LACAS juniors JT
  • O/A Levels JT
  • Burki Road
  • Gulberg
  • Canal Side
  • MM Alam Road
  • Upper Mall

Regular Tutors Fee:

  • Rs 8000/One Subjects
  • Rs 10000/ Two Subjects
  • Rs 12000/ Three Subjects
  • Rs 15000/All Subjects Combination
  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)

Subject Specialist Tutors Fee:

  • Rs. 10000/One Subject
  • Rs.15000/ Two Subjects
  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)

Premium Standard Tutors Fee:

  • For Crash Program Rs: Rs.15,000/Subject
  • For A* Assurance
  • 20% discount (in case of group tuition)
 PreSchool to 8th grade Tutor Fee:

Rs: 10000 to 15000/Per Student/All Subjects

*20% Discount in case of group tuition

    +92 320 111 5005