Cadet College Admission Test Tutors

              Cadet Colleges in Pakistan are Fully residential and Boarding Schooling system of the Pakistan Armed Forces and Follow all Rule and regulations Of the Pakistan Armed forces & Act as nursery cadet schools and cadet Colleges for early training and Learning academies Of The Pakistan Armed Forces ( Pak Army, Pak Navy, Pak Air force). There are many cadet Colleges serving in Pakistan, Some are Most Top-ranked in the Best military colleges ranking, which was announced by ISPR (Inter-Service Public relation). These Cadet Colleges serving to the Nation as Special schools and follow the system of the Pakistan Armed Forces.

               These cadet school staffs are retired from Pak Army, Pak Navy, and Pakistan Air forces. All Cadet colleges Produce trained and well-mannered, highly skilled (soft skilled, wised) cadets, which lead to the county as armed forces. these schools/colleges follow international standards for education and Common rule and laws.

Topper tutor Academy has a Competent Tutors team for Cadet Colleges admission test Preparation. Hire Our Tutor for Cadet & Military College admission test Preparation. We are Providing Home tuition and Online Tuition Services for Cadet Colleges’ admission test preparation. Our Tutor Preparation and Cover Cadet College admission test preparation syllabus within the time given by Concern Cadet College.

Following Top 10 best Cadet Colleges in Pakistan

PAF College Sargodha 
Cadet College Hasan Abdal {1st Year/A level}


Cadet College Murree  October to November 2024
Cadet College Fateh Jang
Cadet College Petaro

MCJ  August  2024
Garrison Cadet College Kohat
Cadet College Kohat
Cadet College Chakwal {October 2024}
Cadet College Jhelum {31st May 2024} and Entrance Test will be held on [21st June 2024]

  • PAF College Lower Topa {September 2024}
  • Cadet College Kohat (CCK)
  • Lawrence Cadet College Murree (LCC)
  • Cadet College Petaro, Hyderabad, Sindh
  • Cadet College Gadap, Sindh
  • Cadet College Sui, Balochistan

The above Top best Cadet Colleges are affiliated with federal board Islamabad, Cambridge International examination and Approved by Pakistan Armed Forces.

Home Tutor  and Online Tutor For Cadet Colleges Admission Test  Preparation

Our tutors are serving for Cadet Colleges admission Test  Preparation in All Over Lahore, Islamabad  Rawalpindi, Karachi & All Other Cities of Pakistan at Home tuition and Online, Especially Online tuition Service for Overseas Pakistani Community.

Our Tutors Prepare Cadets For Grade:

  • Grade 5th 
  • Grade 6th
  • Grade 7th
  • Grade 8th
  • Matric/O Level
  • FSc/A Levels

Age Criteria for Cadet College Admission 2023-24 is as Under:

  • For Class 5th Age Should be 10 to 12 years till 1st April 2023
  • For Class 6th Age Should be 11 to 13 years till 1st April 2023
  • For Class 7th Age Should be 12 to 14 years till 1st April 2023
  • For Class 8th Age Should be 13 to 15 years till 1st April 2023
  • For Grade 9th / O Level Age Should be 14 to 16 years till 1st April 2023

Our Tutors prepare cadets:

  • Written test
  • Intelligence test

 Following Subjects For Grade VIII:

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Science
  • Islamic studies
  • Pakistan studies

Following Subjects For 9,10th or O L-Level:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology/Computer
  • English

Following Subjects For 1st Year or A-Level:

  • Mathematics/Biology/Computer
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English

Cadet Colleges Admission test preparing Option:

  • Home tutor services
  • Online Tutor Services (Preferably)
  • Online tutors services (Preferable due to covid-19)

    Dedicated One on One session via ZOOM Link. Just Virtual Class. More Effective Learning than Physical Tuition.

Cadets Colleges Admission Test Home tutor Fee Structure In Pakistan

Tuition Fee Depends upon students  Condition, No. of subjects, Remaining Tenure of Exam, days in a week. Normally We Charge:

PKRS 15,000/ Per Month  Urdu Basic to Advance Learning *(Only in Pakistan Home Tuition/Online Tuition)

(اشعار کی تشریح کرنا , مضمون نگاری , اردو تفہیم , ضَربُ المِثَل ,محاور ے ۔ کہاوتیں , تلخیص نگاری , متضاد الفاظ )

(واحد جمع بنانے کے قائدے , اسم , فعل , حرف ان کی اقسام , مذکر مونث, خُود ساختَہ جملے بنانا , عبارت کی سلیس بنانا)

PKRS 30,000 Per Month for  Major Subjects English, Urdu, Maths, Science (Nationwide Group tuition)

PKRS 8000 per subject  ( for English, Urdu, Math, Science, Islamiyat, GK, Current Affair, Pak study (Nationwide for dedicated One on One Session)

PKRS 30,000 Per Month for 9,10th or O-Level Cadet Colleges admission test preparation

PKRS 30,000 Per Month for 1st Year (Fsc pre-medical or Pre-Engineering or ICS or A-Level) Cadet Colleges admission test preparation

*Academy Services charges just Rs.2000 Only For One Time

                Fee For Overseas Pakistani (Online) USD $ 10 to 15/hour or 250 USD /Month

*Academy Services charges just Rs.5000 Only For One Time


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