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We are providing Specialist , Professional Experienced , Foreign qualified & British Council Certified tutors for Ielts preparation at home or Online.Our Ielts home tutors prepare students as per British council rule and academic polices. Topper Tutor academy have a specialist team for Ielts. we have highest bands records. All students who want to g0 abroad for study purpose and job purpose, or immigration , and all those who do not have time to take regular classes for ielts preparation , are get tutors for ielts preparation at home tutors or online tutors.

Purpose Of IELTS:

  • For Good Job
  • For Immigration
  • For Abroad Education

Our IELTS Tutors preparation Section:

  • Reading

  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

IELTS tutor Fee Structure:

  • Rs 15,000/3 days a week/Month
  • Rs 20,000 Per Month Preparation
  • *PKRS 2000/Once Academy Service Charges

    +92 320 111 5005