Slow Learners tutor

Home tutors for Slow Learners

Are you looking home session tutors for slow learner students? Slow learner children are Children who are slow learners are often written-off as lazy or dim-witted by many. We have best home tutors and home session teams for Slow learner students. Our Home tutors and Home session experts tarin to the slow learner student for boost their learning and execution activities . Our tutors for slow learner have master degree in related subjects and trained from different special institution and clinics.

Our Tutors serve your child:

  • Brain Teaser Games
  • Sound Therapy
  • Games/CDs for Logical Reasoning Skills
  • Visual-Spatial Activities.

If your child suffered in down syndrome  , contact Us for tutoring and home based session.

We Providing Tutor services  In Lahore/Islamabad/Karachi , Pakistan & Online to All  Students

Our Team:

  • Special child School/Colleges experience holder
  • Universities Experienced holder
  • Professor/Lecturers/ Clinical Psychologist
  • physiotherapist Home Session / in Clinic session
  • behavioral therapist
  • Speech  therapist 
  • Fine Motors Activities
  • Self- help Expert
  • Young/fresh Graduates from Renowned Universities 

We Serve you:

  • at Your Home Based Services
  • In Door Services (in Our academy)

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