K2 Aitchison Tutor

Topper Tutors Academy Pakistan has an Aitchison Tutors team for the Preparation of the Aitchison College Admission Test Exam. Our specialized Aitchison Tutors provide home tuition services and online tuition services for Aitchison College Entrance Test preparation. Topper Tutors Academy Pakistan offers Online dedicated Tutors Services for K2, E2 Admission test preparation for International boarding students and Offering Home Tuition services for National Day scholar K1, K2, K3, E1, E2, M1, M2 students. Our K2 Tutors are experienced in Aitchison college admission test preparation. Our K2 Aitchison Tutors prepare students individually with fully oriented, dedicated, and task-based learning according to Aitchison College K2 Syllabus 2022-23.
Our Aitchison K2 students have performed exceptionally well in the Aitchison College Entry Exams. Topper Tutors Academy Pakistan provides tutors services for K1, K2, K3, K4, E1, E2, O, and A-Level entrance exams preparation and Aitchison final exams, Internal assessment preparation at Student home, and online via Zoom. Topper Tutors Academy Pakistan provides a system for student assessment. Our Aitchison Tutors prepare Students according to their needs through one-to-one attention by Home Tuition and Online for Aitchison Entrance Test Exams. Our Aitchison Tutors evaluate the level of the concept according to Aitchison Syllabus and Past Papers for Aitchison College entrance test preparation. We have a Specialist Tutors Team for K2 Aitchison admission test preparation. Our Aitchison Tutors for K1, K2, K3, E1, E2 prepare students with one on one sessions at Home tuition and Online Tuition. Our K2 Aitchison Tutors have Worksheets, materials, Books, Notes for Aitchison College admission test preparation.

K2 Aitchison College Admission test preparation mode:

  • Home Tuition Services in Lahore, Islamabad Only
  • Online Tutors Services (All Over Globe) via Zoom, Skype, Cloud Meet.

Our Aitchison Tutors Prepare the Following grades:

  • K1 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • K2 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • K4 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • K5 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • K6 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • E2 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • C1 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23
  • H1 Admission Test Preparation 2022-23

Topper Tutor Academy Pakistan offers Home tutors and Online tutors services for Aitchison College C1 metric and IGCSE subjects and Exams preparation according to CIE and Agha Khan Board. We have the Specialist Tutors Team for Aitchison H1 AS Level Internal assessment and Final exams preparation and Aitchison FSc and FA Agha Khan Board subjects and Final exams Preparation. Topper Tutor Academy Offering Home tuition and Online Tutors Services for Aitchison Boarding and day scholar admission test preparation.

Our Aitchison College Tutors Covers Following Subjects and Classes:

  • Metric (Agha Khan University Examination Board)
  • FA (Agha Khan University Examination Board)
  • FSc (Agha Khan University Examination Board)

    Our Aitchison Tutors Cover Following Internation Exams:

  • Cambridge IGCSE
  • Cambridge Internation A Level
  • Cambridge Assessment Internation Education

Fee Criteria for Online K2 Aitchison Tutor ( For International Students Fee )

  • £ 180 to 220 per Month or (£10/hr)
  • $ 250 to 300 per Month or ($ 15/hr) 

 Fee Criteria for K2 Aitchison Tutor ( For Lahore, Islamabad, Nationwide Pakistan Only )

  • PKRS 30000/Month For English, Math (According to Aitchison College Syllabus and Past Papers Pattern)

    * Academy Services Charges PKRS 5000/Once

    +92 320 111 5005