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Topper tutors academy is providing tutoring services by MBBS home tutors and Online MBBS tutors to MBBS students for all MBBS Subjects Preparation for their exams in all Medical colleges and universities in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Pakistan. Topper tutors academy serving MBBS, BDS, DPT  students by Home tutors. Our MBBS home tutors have degrees of MBBS from renowned universities and Medical colleges, at Pakistan and International levels. All MBBS home tutors have a rich knowledge of all medical subjects and topics. Most of them, are experts in the preparation of PDMC exams and for STEPS preparation after MBBS. Our MBBS Home tutors prepare students according to UHS and All medical education patterns. Our MBBS home tutors cover all over Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Rawalpindi, and all over Pakistan and serving via Online tutoring to all Pakistani communities.

Our MBBS Home tutors belong to High ranked medical colleges and universities in Pakistan and abroad. Our MBBS home and online tutors team have a strong grip on All medical subjects and specifics topics. Hire our MBBS Home tutors for marks improvement and Final exams preparation. Our MBBS Home tutors (Male /Female) Home tutors assisting to medical students with final exams preparation and marks improvement.

List of all medical and dental colleges in Pakistan ( Public sector/Private sector) Click HERE

Our MBBS Home tutors & Online tutors Cover the Following MBBS Subjects:

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Community Medicine

  • Medicine including Psychiatry & Dermatology

  • Surgery including Orthopaedics

  • Anesthesia & Dentistry Ophthalmology

  • Pathology

  • E.N.T

  • Radiology

  • Nuclear Medicine

    & Other all Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery subjects

Our MBBS Tutors Are:

  • Medical and Dental Colleges experience holder
  • Medical and Dental Universities Experienced holder
  • Professor/Lecturers
  • Young/fresh Graduates from Renowned Medical and Dental National/International Universities 
Our  MBBS Home tutors and MBBS Online Tutor teams are experts for the MBBSBDS, DPT  admission and final  exams preparation

Fee Structure for MBBS Home Tutors and MBBS online tutors 2023-2024

Tuition Fee Depends upon students  Condition, No. of subjects, Tenure of Exam, days in a week. Normally we Charge: (In Case Of  more than 2 subjects)

  • Regular Fee per subjects from Year 1 is Rs. 30,000 for a subject per month (in case of minimum 2 subjects) or Rs. 2000 per hour. (Only For Local Pakistani)
  • Subject Specialist MBBS Tutor Fee PKRS 40,000 for month.
  • 20% discount in case of group tuition.

MBBS Online Tutor Fee For International Student Fee $ 10 to 15 per hour

MBBS Crash programme (supplementary, Reset exams, Send Ups, Final Exams   PKRS 40,000 per Subject

Academy service charges PKRS 5000 just for one time.

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